Janitorial Service

Unless you have arranged for daytime cleaning, your office suite and all common areas are cleaned nightly Monday through Friday, except for building holidays.  We request that you contact the Property Management Office with any housekeeping issues or concerns by submitting a service request through JBG SMITH Connect for assistance.  If you have comments regarding the cleaning services, please contact the Property Management Office for your building.


Typical Services provided:


  • Empty trashcans and recycle containers.
  • Dust accessible work surfaces.
  • Vacuum carpet.
  • Mop tile floors.
  • Clean countertops and mop kitchen floors.  Tenants are responsible for cleaning their dishes, glasses and utensils in their kitchens.  Tenants are also responsible for maintaining their coffee pots and all other utensils and appliances in their kitchens.
  • Vacuum carpet in elevator lobbies, reception areas, and other common areas.
  • Clean restrooms and restock supplies.


  • Dust accessible areas of furniture, convectors, and other furnishings.
  • Clean glass in doors and partitions.


  • Dust window blinds and window frames.
  • Spot clean walls as needed.
  • Clean telephones.
  • Mop and buff tile floors.


  • Clean and refinish tile floors where necessary.
  • Clean baseboards.


  • Wash windows (Tenants will be notified in advance as to when this cleaning will be performed).


  • Wash light fixtures and lenses.
  • Clean window blinds.

Additional Services
If you would like the janitorial staff to provide additional cleaning services for your organization, please contact the Property Management Office.

NOTE: The cleaning staff will not move papers or other materials from surfaces to be cleaned, dusted or vacuumed. Trash not placed in trashcans should be clearly marked "trash" or "basura." The cleaning of private kitchens and bathrooms is the sole responsibility of the tenant.​​​​​​


All JBG SMITH buildings use a comprehensive green cleaning program which uses certified green cleaning products that support environmental stewardship and maintain Class A standards. Our green cleaning policy applies to all cleaning procedures, cleaning material purchases, cleaning equipment purchases, and cleaning services in our buildings.

We partner with cleaning service providers certified under the ISSA Clean Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Green Building Criteria or Green Seal Standard for Commercial and Institutional Cleaning Services GS-42 and who are aligned with Green Seal practices.

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