JBG SMITH is committed to maintaining a comprehensive, effective, and convenient recycling program. Recycling is required in each jurisdiction of the Washington, DC metropolitan region, and includes all recycle mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard (non-coated), aluminum beverage cans, glass bottles and jars, metal food cans, and plastic beverage containers.

This page outlines products that can be recycled in your building, as well as the resources and materials that are available to you.

All of the following materials can be recycled in your building:

  • Office Paper of all types and colors
  • Certain paper products
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastics #1-7 (Arlington does not accept #6)
  • Electronic waste recycling (periodic events)
  • Batteries (central recycling container)

To increase recycling participation, your Property Management team can provide complementary:  

For your convenience, our cleaning crews remove recycling and waste each night.


If you have questions about our recycling program, please do not hesitate to reach out to your property management team and download our JBG SMITH Tenant Recycling Program Details for more information.

Click Here for additional information on JBG SMITH Sustainability Programs, Policies and Case Studies.

Visit the JBG SMITH Green site for addition Tenant Sustainability and Wellness Resources.


Municipal Resources:

Alexandria Recycling at Work

Arlington County Trash & Recycling

Fairfax County Recycling and Trash for Businesses

Montgomery County Recycling Program for Businesses and Organizations


Note: Jurisdictions require recycling inspections and may charge inspection fees for each tenant in a building. Fines will be levied if requirements aren’t met. Please reach out to the Property Management office for specifics.